Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things to take into consideration when waiting for the sun to rise before walking to work


Waking to the chill of the February darkness, but taking the time to stretch the spine in every luxurious direction, to find the ends of the fingers and toes then wiggle them before rolling out from under the warm blankets.

Smelling the new shampoo, "Mountain Rain" scent. (Having spent far too much time at the store Saturday, uncapping every bottle to find the perfect one.)

Talcum powder softening the skin puff by puff.

Mmm, cinnamon-almond coffee cake melting sweet pools of butter.

Finishing yesterday's paper, thinking about tracking primates in Panama, mapping the ocean floor, joining any one of those grand adventures out there. Or biting NYC's mayor on the thumb.

Strapping the sandals over the socks, putting the thermos in the bag, and stepping out into the bright world.

Light on the tree-tops, sparkles on the sidewalk, smiling under layers of scarf.

Greeting the neighbor, the man getting coffee, the stranger waiting for the "walk" sign.

Watching breath dissipate in little clouds of alive-ness.

Seeing the largest flock of geese imaginable -- thousands of them branching into tiers of "v"s, horizon to horizon, nary a honk, conserving their breath against the cold sky.

Promising the poor ruffled pigeons that everything will warm up soon, the sun! the sun!


Realizing that you really shouldn't just stand there smiling at pigeons and geese and people and this beautiful beautiful world is when it's 5 degrees out and you're wearing sandals.

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