Monday, February 9, 2009

Experiment -- Creating a sense of place


Although I already have a tendency to type like I talk, I decided to do a little experiment and actually type what I talk -- I've begun carrying a tape-recorder on my what's-now-become-weekly excursions to Konza prairie so that I can listen to what really falls from my mouth, unedited. I'm trying to use these immediate thoughts to ascertain the ways by which a person (i.e. me) builds a relationship with a landscape, layers meanings into a place, preserves (conserves? a bit of exploitation there too, simply through communication) memories in images/words.

Anyone who's tackled transcription knows how difficult, how painful it is to flatten inflection and pause into fonts, and how difficult, how painful it is to recognize just how ungrammatically you speak -- please forgive my raw attempts to put ideas into words into uniform letters on a screen. Same with photographs -- how do you fit the immensity, the brilliancy, the experience of a place into a 3 1/2 x 5" rectangle of momentless pixels?

But also please let me know if this little experiment actually works, please walk with me through Konza Prairie


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Caitlyn said...

The leaf in the ice is my favorite...

I love that shot.