Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Question I'd really like to leap up and ask instead of sitting quietly in class

Are people really content to just plod through life without thinking about it,
engaging in it,
enjoying it?

So many beautiful mysteries, out there, in the real world, the open sky


Caitlyn said...

I think that type of contentment is learned behavior rather than something inherent.

Tyra Olstad said...

Oh dear, so we have to learn that formal "learning" is less meaningful than letting life happen? Is it sort of like needing to know the conventions of English grammar so that you can begin ignoring them?

Ryan D said...

I think first we would need to define what it would be to engage in life. I'm certain it would be viewed differently by the two orientations of "overt" 's.

Tyra Olstad said...

Aah, definitions. Intro-spection, more comfortable to ponder about (i.e. get tangled up in / wrap oneself in a familiar blanket of) words than to just go out and ask an extrovert.